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Thu., Apr 24, 2014 - Thu., Apr 24, 2014

The 55+ age group is the fastest growing segment in the fitness industry. Members of this group are showing up in clubs, personal training studios, group exercise classes and bootcamps, yet very few fitness professionals really know how to train them safely and effectively. In this hands-on workshop, leading experts Dr. Cody Sipe and Dr. Dan Ritchie will teach you how to train this large (yet virtually untapped) market using the most current functional training techniques adapted for and applied specifically to the needs and interests of aging adults. Use these exercises in any training environment to improve client outcomes and increase satisfaction. Attendees will have full access to over ten hours of online educational content (videos, manuals, etc.) and be qualified to sit for the online certification exam.

Although there are no pre-requisites for attending the workshop or completing the certification, it is highly recommended that participants hold a certification in personal training or group instruction from a reputable organization and have two to three years of experience. Beginning, intermediate and advanced health and fitness professionals who serve mature adults will all greatly benefit from the knowledge and skills gained in this workshop. This includes personal trainers, group fitness instructors, bootcamp leaders, physical therapists, chiropractors and physicians.

Several weeks prior to the event, you will receive an email with instructions for how to access the online modules. You will be expected to complete several of the core modules before attending the workshop, although it is recommended that you complete all of the modules for the greatest benefit. These modules facilitate your learning of the material, speed skill acquisition and enhance your overall experience at the event. In the workshop, expect to spend plenty of time practicing, demonstrating and teaching exercise movements. Bring a notebook and pen, water bottle, snacks and light jacket or sweatshirt because the rooms can sometimes get chilly. Wear athletic clothing and footwear.

ONLINE ONLY: $179.00 by January 10th
Early Bird: $199.00 by Feb 21
2nd Deadline: $199 by March 14
Last Call: $219 by April 10


Cody Sipe

Cody SipeCody Sipe, PhD, is an experienced professor, researcher and fitness professional with advanced expertise in functional exercise and aging. As an author and speaker, he has shared his innovative, evidence-based functional training techniques for aging adults with thousands of fitness professionals around the world. As Vice President of the Functional Aging Institute and creator of the Functional Aging Specialist Certification, Cody’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire fitness professionals to take a holistic functional approach to exercise for their older clients.

Dan Ritchie

dan-ritchieDan Ritchie, PhD is a recognized leader in exercise programming for older adults and was honored with the 2014 Personal Trainer of the Year award by Personal Fitness Professional magazine. He has a broad background in the fitness industry in training and management that has included commercial, non-profit, hospital and university-based facilities. During his career, Dan has worked successfully with Division I athletes as well as with special populations including post-stroke, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer's. He is the President of the Functional Aging Institute and co-owner of Miracles Fitness, a 1-1 and small group training facility specializing in mature clients.
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