Developing Masala Bhangra and Creating Your Own Fitness Journey feat. Sarina Jain


In Episode 18 of the FitnessFest Podcast we have Sarina Jain, developer of Masala Bhangra. Sarina takes of through a journey that includes developing her own group fitness format, and how she wanted to share her Indian heritage.

Coined as the “Indian Jane Fonda,” Sarina Jain is the creator of the original Masala Bhangra® DVD series. An AFAA® certified fitness instructor for over 28 years, she teaches classes ranging from step aerobics, total body conditioning, and many more. She successfully moves, touches and inspires many people around the world with her knowledge and passion for Bhangra and Bollywood. Recognized as a global game changer, Sarina has over 15 workout videos under her belt with Masala Bhangra® classes offered in over 12 countries around the world.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How and why Sarina started Masala Bhangra
  • Sarina’s journey to starting Masal Bhangra
  • Sarina’s first job within the fitness industry
  • Advice for fitness professionals wanting to grow in 2021 beyond

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