The Functional Aging Institute feat. Dr. Dan Ritchie

In episode 20 of the FitnessFest Podcast we have one of the founders of the Functional Aging Institute, Dr. Dan Ritchie. Dr. Ritchie shares his initial start in the fitness industry which included the beginnings of active aging education, and his thought process going into co-founding the Functional Aging Institute. Over the last year many businesses thrived or were hurt during the pandemic, Dr. Ritchie shares how his in-person business was affected and how the Functional Aging Institute grew. Lastly, Dr. Ritchie shares his advice for fitness professionals wants to get into the speaker conference.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How FAI started and altered its business plan
  • The early stages of 55+ education
  • Advice for fitness professionals wanting to speak on the circuit

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