Zumba and the World of Group Fitness feat. Petra Robinson


In episode 19 of the FitnessFest Podcast we have Petra Robinson, fitness industry pioneer and consultant. Petra has had many notable stops in the fitness industry but created a name for herself at Zumba and AFAA. Having started in the fitness industry when education was a non-factor, Petra was one of major driving forces behind helping these two global names expand and create programs that have helped millions. Listen in as Petra shares how she started teaching group fitness in Dubai, and her advice for fitness professionals pushing forward in 2021.


Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Petra got involved with Zumba
  • How Petra views business growth and her approach
  • Perta’s first position within the fitness industry and how it sparked a career
  • Petra’s time at AFAA and how she helped organize a yearly conference

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