10 Ways to Change Up Your Cross Country Ski

If you’ve taught an aqua aerobics class, you’ve most likely done a cross country ski! I always demonstrate the move with integrity and perform it slowly. Why? Because more often than not, I find that the alignment and the range of motion (ROM) are not correct. I am a stickler about these things, and you should be too!

First, start with your hands on your hips. Demonstrate the move as I am doing in the video without doing any arm movement. Cue for form and posture as you are demonstrating. Continue to monitor the lower body movement as you start the arm patterns. Here are some different arm movements that will change the move, just by changing the arms and keeping the legs the same.

1- Cross Country Ski – hands on hips.
2- Slicing hands and short levers (bent elbows).
3 – Longer levers (straighter elbows and strong straight wrists); open palms and moving one arm at a time.
4 – Longer levers like with #3 with both arms at the same time coming back behind you.
5 – Breaststroke arms.
6 – With a punch.
7 – With a punch and a twist.
8 – Arms cross in front, palms towards each other, and then away from each other.
9 – Arms go behind you, palms and fingers touch each other (that’s the goal anyways)!
10 – Arms reach in front, then to the side (neutral point) with long levers and straight, strong wrists.

Watching the video here will make it make more sense. Pay attention to my cues. You won’t want to do all of this consecutively. Action!

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3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Change Up Your Cross Country Ski”

  1. maria kovaleski

    Just FINALLY had time to watch your awesome video. You gave me two new moves. I have one more…front crawl arms with skiing legs. THANK YOU JANICE!!

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