Building Your Own Fitness Brand feat. Aimee Nicotera

Growing and evolving within the fitness industry can be a challenge in itself. Where do you start and what type of information is out there? In 2020, a lot of fitness professionals were left with questions on where to start and how do they keep doing what they love. In episode 27 of the FitnessFest podcast we have guest Aimee Nicotera, who since last year has created her own online virtual gym and group fitness format for fitness professionals. Aimee shares her background in the fitness industry and how all these steps have helped her gain experience for going out on her own. Throughout this episode Aimee shares her tips for fitness professionals and steps she took along her journey over the last year. Learn more about Aimee – CLICK HERE.  Topics Discussed in This Episode
  • How Aimee joined the fitness industry and her stops along the way
  • Steps for creating your own fitness format
  • Where Aimee goes for finding tech advice url=”″ Ep 27 Aimee Nicotera | Building Your Own Fitness Brand

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