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Coffee Talk

Coffee Snobs Unite! I got so many ideas for coffee that I am going to be spending my whole year trying coffee! If you missed it, I sent a “Coffee Talk” email out two weeks ago. I got great replies! I may have missed a few, but here are some excellent ones!

Michelle: I go to bed thinking about getting up in the morning for coffee! You are right about the pod machines…once you stray, you can’t go back! Have you tried illy?  I like extra bold roast, but they also have a bold and a classic. Trader Joe’s has it for $9.99 for 8.8 ounces. It is already finely ground. I hope this helps!

Maria: Love your coffee story. BUT I love vanilla macadamia nut coffee…we buy a years’ worth and put it in the freezer…no pods for us.

Pat: Coffee, you ask? Well, I am a believer in whole beans that I grind right before brewing. I order online from a place called Coffee AM. My favorites are the Kona blend and the Jamaican Blue Mountain blend. I have to do the blends because I can’t afford the pure Kona or Jamaican beans. I do not like flavors, but they do offer a variety of bean flavors. I know several folks who order from Grounds and Hounds.

Julie: So nice to know I’m not alone in the coffee snob arena. 🙂 I absolutely love Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend for my morning cup o’ Joe! It’s a medium roast, so mellow and smooth. No acidic tummy issues with this one. I’ve tried several other brands over the years and end right back up with this goodie! It is whole bean so you can either grind it right there in the store or at home. I keep mine in an Airspace container so it’s always super fresh! I’m that snob that needs fresh ground each morning. It’s part of my happy morning routine. I never measure…that said, I know I make it stronger than the container suggests. I half-fill my reusable mesh coffee basket with grounds, then add water to the 6 line on the carafe.

*** Bonus Tip: Sprinkle a little cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger on top of the grounds for a hint of aroma and flavor (it’s super spices to the rescue!). I’ve also sprinkled cacao for a hint of chocolate for my hubby. I am actually quite the adventurer when it comes to adding a little flavor, but some days are just plain and simple. I can tell you this though; absolutely everyone who has come over for coffee asks what brand it is and how can they get some! Secret’s OUT! Give it a try and let me know what your taste buds think.

Harvey: Thanks for the note about morning coffee.  I also savor coffee as part of my “ikigai” – a Japanese term for the reason for getting up in the morning. But my appreciation involves “earning” my cup or two. I wake up around 4am and start the day with a 30-minute yoga practice. This is followed by foam rolling exercises to loosen my shoulders. Then, it’s off to the outdoor (heated) pool at Chandler’s Desert Oasis Aquatic Center. After swimming 25 laps, I return home to brew my coffee in a simple Cuisinart coffee maker. I prefer a dark blend, such as a French Roast or Columbian, from brands such as Peet’s or Don Francisco’s. On weekends, I sometimes go with a Kona blend for a smoother, more relaxed experience. I drink my coffee black to appreciate its flavor without distraction. The pleasure I derive from coffee involves all the senses.  I pour my coffee from a height around 12 inches above the cup to hear the gentle splash and see the wisps of steam rise. I slowly pick up the cup with intention, perceiving the beverage’s warmth and weight. A layer of bubbles is present in the cup, and the coffee’s aroma deepens as they pop. And finally, the first gradual sips stimulate the taste buds and create a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. This has been especially rewarding with the past few breezy mornings with temps in the low 40’s!

Dee: Black Rifle Coffee A M A Z I N G! But only if you’re a true coffee snob. It is a veteran-owned company made in Nevada.  We got hooked on this coffee a few years ago. We have been coffee snobs for years and this is the best one around.

Jerny: Isagenix coffee. Low acid, smooth, healthy with no toxins.

Vickie: I really like to brew the Veranda Blonde Roast from Starbucks, Seattle’s Best – I think it’s the Number 5 or 6, and Post Alley Dark Roast is also good and pretty strong. San Francisco Dark Roast is pretty strong too. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – their coffees are very good.

Tina: I am a coffee drinker too! I have the Keurig, only because it’s easier for just one person. A pot might be too much for me…maybe? HA! I like McDonald’s Coffee, Breakfast Blend or Medium Roast. Both taste great with a little half and half! Illy is good too, but expensive!  Cheers!

Nicole: We love LaVazza! And we have a coffee pot with a built-in grinder. You can buy LaVazza in stores; however, I order directly from the website because whole beans are hard to find. My niece introduced it to us when she was working at a nice breakfast place in Scottsdale. Hooked ever since! It’s an Italian company. They have a lot of selections, but they don’t have any flavored, which is fine by me because usually “flavored“ coffee sucks! Creamer wise…we use Bailey’s on the weekend! Or a superfood powder I’m addicted to from Laird Hamilton. Costco has it or Sprouts. It has a sugary coconut smell, but really extremely neutral in taste.

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