In episode 26 of the FitnessFest Podcast we have industry veteran Aileen Sheron. A 2020 finalist for IDEA’s Fitness Instructor of the Year award, Aileen is an entrepreneur and innovator across most facets of the fitness industry. She is an international presenter, inventor, program developer, content creator, writer, mentor, business owner, and social media personality. She has trained thousands of instructors in a variety of specialties, including choreography, equipment-based programming, myofascial release, aerobic dance, cycling, treadmill training, and more. Aileen is president of Good Natured Products Inc., makers of the Omniball and other fitness products.

Throughout this episode Aileen shares her journey through the fitness industry, and how the industry has evolved over the years. Aileen also dives into her unique advice for fitness professionals wanting to speak on the conference circuit, and how she personally practiced her speaking craft until she was given the opportunity.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Aileen joined the fitness industry and her first business ventures
  • Aileen’s advice for fitness professionals wanting to speak on the conference circuit
  • How the fitness industry has evolved over the years

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