fit pro connection

Research the Research:
Finding Valid Information About COVID-19
and How it Applies to Your Business

Topics for the Fit Pro Connection
1- What makes a study “valid”? 
2- Regarding Covid-19 and the gyms, let’s discuss the reopening/closing pattern and what lies ahead.
3- What are your feelings about wearing masks and teaching/training?
4- Has anything really been proven yet in regard to sanitation & cleaning of equipment?
5- What is your best advice when talking about guidelines, protocols, and the safety of our clients/members?

Creating Sellable Content

Topics for the Fit Pro Connection
1- What social media platforms work best for you?
2- Where should a beginner start?
2A – What were some of the mistakes you learned through trial and error?
3- What are some key pieces you use to develop content?
4- What type of platforms are great for storing content to sell?
4A – What privacy settings do you recommend on YouTube and Vimeo?