Best Shoulder Training for
Posture & Function

During this interactive session, you’ll learn why many individuals struggle with shoulder issues. You’ll workshop the best corrective and functional exercises to address common issues, like the forward shoulder, neck and shoulder tightness, and loss of range of motion. Additionally, you’ll be able to integrate these concepts into your current shoulder exercises to immediately address clients’ flexibility and stability. Leave this session with exercises and strategies to improve clients’ posture and performance.

Price: $29.99

Female Core & Pelvic Floor

If you have back pain, hip tightness, or experience urinary incontinence, you must strengthen your core and pelvic floor. In this interactive session, you’ll discover why many women struggle with low back and hip tightness, urinary incontinence, and that dreaded lower abdominal pooch after pregnancy or surgery. You’ll leave this session understanding how you can help female clients develop their core and pelvic floor so that they move better, feel better, and perform at their best. 

Price: $29.99

Transformer Bootcamp

Transformer Bootcamp with Jacquese Silvas a workshop not just about a good bootcamp workout… but about setting yourself apart and connecting with your peeps.

Price: $29.99 

Social Media: 20 Questions You’re NOT Asking, but SHOULD

Building your social media presence is perhaps the most important thing we can do right now to grow our audience (and thus our revenue stream). National Speaker Debra Atkinson has the answers in this seminar.

Price: $29.99 

Conscious Eating

This workshop is about bringing together the part of you that wants a healthy body with the part of you that’s asking for cookies and chips.

This workshop is about eating the right foods and finding balance through mindfulness and conscious eating.

Price: $29.99 

YouTube Basics for Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals are definitely riding the virtual workout wave — are you onboard? If you’ve thought about using YouTube to stream your sessions or you are already using YouTube but are “winging it”, we have a fantastic webinar with KIPS owner Tyler Valencia. Tyler’s ‘YouTube Basics for Fitness Professionals’ goes through how to develop high-quality content, maximize your views, and increase your subscribers in this two-hour lecture.

Price: $29.99 

YouTube Centered
Digital Marketing

YouTube Centered Digital Marketing dives into a social media strategy that focuses on developing content for YouTube. This strategy helps maximize the time a small business owner has when creating content, and helps create a consistent schedule of posts. For this lecture we have KIPS owner Tyler Valencia.  

Price: $29.99 

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