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Aqua Progressions I Certification: Pre-Conference Ticket

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Learn all you need to know to teach a safe and effective water aerobics class. This course will cover everything from warm-up to cool-down, including lots of choreography with varied options, core with noodles (suspended and plank), and static stretching techniques.

You will create a personal online portal and study detailed online lectures and modules at your own pace. The online course will detail special considerations when teaching special populations (older adults, persons with arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc), how to offer specific modifications in your classes, and how to make smooth transitions between exercises. Additionally, you will review some basic anatomy & movement terminology while watching a fantastic video on breaking down the moves!

Then, the fun part! Get in the pool at our in-person workshop with Janice Jaicks, the creator herself, and go through the entire practical. You will be given an opportunity to create your own routine and practice your skills, instructing the rest of the group. An online exam (at home) will follow.

NOTE: You may only select one pre-con add-on. You will receive an email with instructions on accessing the online course modules. The modules must be completed before the in-person practice of this certification. An online exam will follow the practical. Must Pass Exam To Receive Certificate Of AEA/FitnessFest Credit Hours. Additional Organizations May Be Petitioned For Credit. You Will Receive Your Certificate Within One Week After A Passing Rate Of 70% Or Higher Is Achieved.

Please Be Prepared For The In-Person Practical Portion Of The Course. Bring a Reusable Water Bottle, Sunscreen, and Towel, And Pack Lunch!

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