Saturday – 12:20PM – 2:10PM: BASH: All-Star Group Ex

Express Core – The core is the powerhouse of the body and we should attack it from every angle! Join powerhouse presenters Tricia Murphy Madden and Mindy Mylrea to try the BEST core exercises on the planet!

CARDIO YOGA™ – This is a sweat-drenched, mind-altering movement experience that allows you to reach a euphoric endorphin high! Infused with scientific “Power Posturing” and based in rhythmic flow, you can expect a barefoot, signature-series designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen your body. Plan for an emotional voyage that is engineered for you to break through your emotional obstacles while reaching for your highest aspirations. 

PiYo® LIVE – This is a functional and athletic bodyweight workout inspired by Pilates and yoga that incorporates balance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, agility, and bodyweight strength set to upbeat music. It’s for all fitness levels and can be done barefoot or with shoes. Just bring your yoga mat!

JACS Bootcamp – Feel your best physically AND mentally after this empowering bootcamp for all fitness levels! This session is for REAL people who like REAL fun and want REAL progress. You’ll leave with a sense of strength and belonging as you experience the fitness tribe vibe!

Fire Up GX™ – By incorporating movement to the hottest beats, Tabata (off the beat), and the mind/body connection all in one class, this format will take you on a workout journey from start to finish! Targeted to help you transform mentally, physically and spiritually, this class is more than a workout – it’s a feeling! We guarantee you will leave with your soul “set on fire”!