Friday – 12:40PM – 2:30PM: Female Core & Pelvic Floor

Dr. Evan Osar and Jenice Mattek – authors, speakers, and developers of the Integrative Movement System™ – are presenting a 7-hour Pre Con on Thursday, September 24th at this year’s inaugural Fitness Fest Online Conference. In this online, interactive session, you will discover the most common reasons for joint, balance, and walking issues in older adults. You will discover the most appropriate corrective exercises for improving stability, mobility, and balance in your clients with hip, knee, and foot osteoarthritis as well as joint replacements. Additionally, you will leave this workshop the most effective exercise strategies for the hip, knee, and ankle-foot complex. You will leave this one-day intensive with the ability to create both immediate and long-term changes in your client’s posture, balance, and performance.