Friday – 7:45AM – 9:15AM: The Menopause Metabolism Myth

Q & A 9:00-9:15AM

Wellness coach and fitness expert Debra Atkinson has helped 150,000 women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they want. She’s the bestselling author of You Still Got It, Girl: The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women; Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust; and Hot, Not Bothered. Debra hosts Flipping 50 TV and the Flipping 50 podcast.

Debra has 35 years of experience in the industry, is an international fitness presenter for associations including International Council on Active Aging, IDEA, NSCA, Athletic Business, and CanFitPro. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) subject matter expert, and prior senior lecturer in kinesiology at Iowa State University. Debra is also founder of Flippingfifty.com and creator of the Flipping 50 Specialist Program for fitness professionals. She’s a frequent contributor at HuffPost, ShareCare, and other featured outlets and on the education advisory board for Medfit.org.