Friday – 12:40PM – 2:30PM: Win, Wow, and Retain

Erika Taylor is founder, principal program designer, and wellness instigator at Taylored Fitness and Global Wellness Design (brand partner with Purium health products). She is certified through the Functional Aging Institute as a functional aging specialist and through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a personal trainer, health coach, and group exercise instructor. Erika inspires savvy community leaders to discover and implement small changes to make their communities and themselves more vibrant and healthy. From cleaning the locker room and working the front desk at the downtown Denver Athletic Club to owning her own studio and founding one of the first online group fitness companies, Erika gets more passionate every day about spreading the message that physical fitness is for EVERYONE.

Erika spent hours on the floor with her grandma hearing about Jack LaLanne and our civic duty to stay fit, then followed her mom and Kool and the Gang to Jazzercise in the 70s, then rocked the headband and thong one-piece to step class in the 80s. Grabbing her ACE certification in 1991 and joining the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, she dedicated her career to fitness education and bringing the most recent, most thoroughly vetted, and most effective wellness methods and information available to her clients.